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West Virginia Legislative Process

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Develop And Know Your Issue

Why do you put effort into an issue? It is to educate legislators on the issues with which you are familiar. To be effective you must know the issue thoroughly and be ready to propose a realistic solutions. By using realistic solutions you will normally get the problem resolved.

To Develop a solution you should do the following:

Also ask these questions:

Answering the questions above will help you gather the information you need during the legislative session and help turn your proposal into an actual legislative bill. This defines the legislative scope to your proposal.

Public Hearings

What is the purpose for public hearings? So that legislators might hear how a bill might affect the people of the state.

Each year the state's agencies and offices are directed to write or revise rules and regulations based on legislation that has been passed. They are required by law to hold a public hearing to receive public comments.

Legislature holds public hearings during each legislative session. Hearings can be held by the House or Senate individually or held as a joint hearing. When scheduling a public hearing, you must make a formal request to the appropriate committee chair. Also remember most requests are honored, but the committee chair may not be required to do so.

Anyone may attend the hearings and present testimony which is generally limited to a few minutes. To find out if and when a legislative public hearing is scheduled, you can call the House and Senate clerk's office during the legislative session.

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