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West Virginia Legislative Process

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Drafting The Bill

Why is a well-defined idea and good information to a bill drafter important? The bill is more likely to look like the legislation you had in mind.

Drafting a Bill: the office researches the State Code to determine if the bill should be a new section of state law or if it be amended into a current section.

Where does a bill go when a legislator approves a proposed bill?

It goes into a "hopper" where it is given a number by the House and/or Senate and is assigned to a committee by the Speaker of the House or the Senate President. If done before session begins, it can be introduced on the first day.

Finding Sponsorship For Your Bill

Do not get discouraged. Remember, only members from the House and Senate can introduce a bill. Sponsors are critical to the passage of a bill.

Use these steps when finding sponsorship:

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