ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

Tips for Asssitive Technology Users

Jaws for Windows 4.0

Each Skills Development Class includes at least one test. If you are using Jaws for Windows 4.0 while taking the test, the following steps will help you successfully navigate the test:

  1. Use your down arrow key and move to the beginning of the test.
  2. Read the question and the answers.
  3. When you are ready to select an answer, use your arrow key to move to the radio button above your answer.
  4. Press enter on your numeric key pad. You will hear "forms mode on".
  5. Press the plus key on the numeric key pad. This will turn the forms mode off.
  6. Use your arrow key to move to the next question.

Repeat the process throughout the entire test. When you have completed the test, you will come to a submit button. When you are on this button, just press your enter key. Shortly after pressing your enter key you will hear the results of your test.

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