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Understanding and Dealing With Stress

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Dealing with Stress: Long-Term and Mental Strategies

Prepare Yourself

Now that you're treating your body well and taking deep breaths, walks, or whatever else you need to do to stay calm, why isn't your life completely stress free? First, you must remember that life is never stress free. (If it was, it would be pretty boring.) Second, you must accept that there are some stresses in life that can't be avoided.

Major life changes such as the death of loved ones, financial difficulties, moves or divorces, are bound to cause a person stress. Even joyful changes such as marriage, pregnancies, or holidays can add stress. These changes are part of life and can't be avoided. But you can learn to better manage the stress you can't avoid, and should learn to avoid the stress you can.

In addition to treating your body well and learning how to manage the physical symptoms of stress, changing your mental attitude and your lifestyle can help minimize stress. Continue to the next page for recommendations for reducing and managing stress.

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