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Understanding and Dealing With Stress

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Quick Fixes to Physical Effects of Stress: Relax

Relax: Upper Body

Telling someone to relax is often easier said than done, but sometimes we hold a lot of our tension in our body and muscles. Shaking out a few of those kinks and curves in your body may make dealing with the kinks and curves life throws you a little easier. Remember that these exercises are meant to help you relax and are just suggestions. Do not feel pressure to do all of them. Do not do any exercise that feels painful or uncomfortable. If you have any physical problems or disabilities, you should check with your doctor, nurse, or physical therapist.

When doing any exercise (even 'relaxation' exercises), don't push yourself too hard. After all, that's not relaxing! And, always use correct posture, move slowly and cautiously, and get the most from each exercise.

Print this page, or print the Adobe PDF version, and remember to do these exercises when you feel stressed.

Hands, arms and shoulders

Head, neck and face

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