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Personal Development


One of the greatest keys to success and happiness is personal development. Personal development involves defining your strengths and weaknesses and improving upon them. This may involve making the most of your existing skills, practicing and improving upon skills that you feel are weak, or learning new skills or ways to 'compensate' for areas in which you don't feel confident.

Personal development can be approached in many different ways: you can seek out new, and informative experiences; you can reflect upon and learn from existing experiences; you can enlist others to assist you in your development (such as counselors, therapists, or friends); and you can help yourself, through courses, seminars, and readings. There is no single or 'right' approach to personal development. All that is needed is the desire to grow.

The classes offered in this section address some of the more common themes of personal development.

These classes are not intended to take the place of professional counseling or courses, but can start you on your way to developing and improving upon your skills. If you enjoy the classes and would like to learn more about skills and personal development, contact MTSTCIL for more information.

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