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Instruction in Self-Advocacy: Four Day Training

This in-classroom training is for students between the age of 14 to 21 who are in school. The only prerequisite is that the person must be a student with a disability. Students taking classes for their GED qualify.

Students will receive $15 for each hour they attend class. Class size will be a maximum of 15. Lunch provided and snacks available throughout the day. There will be limited transportation available from local high schools if pre-arranged.

Classes are scheduled in June for both Huntington and Beckley.

Classes from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you are interested:

For Huntington classes, contact Georgetta Stevens, Vice President, by email or telephone 304-525-3324.

For Beckley classes, contact Ken Harer, Employment Services Specialist, by email or telephone 304-255-0122.

Class outline:

The four-day training will begin with an Introduction to Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy. Students will complete a self awareness project as part of the class.

Understanding My Rights and Responsibilities will introduce the students to laws around accessibility, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and their own responsibilities as a person with a disability. Students will learn what it means to Modify Your Accommodations, to get what they need.

Understanding my Individual Education Plan. Will talk about an Individual Education Plan, and the impact it makes on a student's life. The One-Pager was created to cut through all the paper and get to the important information quickly, and on one page.

Good Day Plan: Think about what a good day at school or work looks like for you. What do you need? Does it happen now? If not, what can you do to make it happen? Who can help you out along the way? the Good Day Plan helps you make and stick to a daily plan.

Improving My Communication Skills and Advocating My Needs After High School are also included in the training.

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