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Poisonous Household Items

If used improperly, many things in your house can cause poisoning. While this doesn't mean you need to get rid of every item listed below (some of these may be necessities in your home), be sure that you follow the directions closely when using these items and store them out of the reach of a child or adult who may use them improperly. Below are listed, by room, some of the most common, but not all, poisonous items. To be on the safe side, always read the label on products.


Ammonia, bug sprays and traps, cleansers/disinfectants (including floor, carpet, oven, window and other cleaners), drain openers, medicines (both prescription and over-the-counter), polish (for furniture, metals or glass), soaps/detergents, vitamins/supplements/diet pills and other dietary supplements


All medicines (both prescription and over-the-counter), aftershave lotion, alcohol/hydrogen peroxide, bath oil, cleansers/disinfectants (including floor, window, toilet bowl, and tub/tile cleaners), deodorizers/sanitizers, drain openers, hair removers, hair colors/permanents, mouthwash, ointments, shampoo/hair products


Cosmetics (including nail polish/remover, perfumes/colognes), all medicines (including cough medicine, prescription drugs, and sleeping aids), mothballs, ointments


Antifreeze, cleaning fluids (including hand cleaner, car polish), fertilizer/weed killer, gasoline/kerosene, lighter fluid, lime/lye, mothballs, paint/paint remover, pesticides/insecticides, turpentine


Bleaches, cleaning fluids, soaps/detergents, stain removers, spray starch


Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, nicotine patches, medicines (including prescription or over-the-counter, and pet medicine), poisonous plants (such as poison ivy, oak or sumac and some household plants)

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