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Outdoor Safety: Seasonal Safety

Keeping your home and family safe may mean doing different things at different times of the year. Below are some things you may want to consider for each season.


Winter means cold weather and often ice and snow. Be sure that your walkways are clear, shoveled regularly, and covered with sand or salt to prevent falls. If you drive or are driven by others, be sure their car has snow tires to prevent skids and accidents and that they have checked their antifreeze. Also be sure that you and your family avoid frostbite by dressing warmly, taking special care to keep heads, hands, and feet warm.


Spring brings warmer weather, and with it, allergy season. Be sure you and your family dress appropriately for the season (although it might feel like summer during the day, spring nights can often be cold.) If someone in your family has allergies or asthma, be sure they keep their medicine nearby and with them when they travel in case of an attack.


People spend the most time outside during summer, so this is when most outdoor injuries happen. Some special things to consider include:


Keep your home clear of twigs and leaves that can cause both falls and fires. Only burn leaves or twigs during designated burn times and never during a dry season. Visit our course on Fire Safety for more information.

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