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The Importance of Managing Money

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Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Money

If you feel you have a better understanding of your income and have a budget that covers your expenses, you have succeeded in taking control of your finances. But some people want to take the additional step of making their money work for them (earning money off of their money.) This can be a fun and rewarding process, but it can also be complicated and risky. Not all types of investments are guaranteed to make you money - sometimes you can lose the money you already have.

This final section of the course is meant to introduce you to some of the most common ways that people invest their money. This is to help you better understand your options and things that you may come across if you decide to learn more about managing your finances. It is not meant to be financial advice or recommendations for how to handle your savings.


There are many ways to increase your income by investing savings and spending money wisely. If you have started to set aside money, you may want to find a financial advisor to help you make financial decisions. This may be a trusted friend or relative who handles their own money successfully, someone at a bank or financial institute whom you trust, or a lawyer or stockbroker at a reliable company.

Whomever you choose, be sure they have a good reputation, are trustworthy, make you feel comfortable, can clearly show how they are handling your money and what (if anything) they are charging you for. Above all, be sure that you keep control over your money! Your advisor may make suggestions about how to handle your money, but you should know what is happening to your money and make all final decisions (including deciding not to let the person handle your money anymore if you aren't happy.)

There are many ways to invest and spend money wisely. Below is a list of some of the more common methods. You can find out more about each of these at your library, on the Internet, from a bank, or ask a counselor at MTSTCIL for help in research.

If you have any questions about your finances, creating a budget, or investing your savings, contact MTSTCIL. While the counselors there may not be financial advisors, they may be able to help you find someone who can help you make the most of your money!

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