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Introduction > Making the Change > What is Assertiveness > Knowing the Difference > Asserting Yourself > Role Playing > Being Assertive > Conclusion

Introduction: The Importance of Assertiveness

Expressing your thoughts, feelings, and opinions and standing up for your rights is important. You are your first and biggest supporter, so it's important that you speak up for yourself.

Whether your behavior is unassertive (passive) or overassertive (aggressive), it is possible to change. But it is also important to understand the difference between expressing yourself in a self-confident manner (being assertive) and forcing your ideas on others and intimidating them (being aggressive).

This course is intended to help you express yourself in a way that will earn people's respect without alienating or hurting them.

Next: What do you know about assertiveness? Take the test and see what you know. Then read more about building your assertive skills.

Begin: Making the Change

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