ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act

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Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Title I protects the rights of people with disabilities to employment. This title defines disability, describes who is covered and who is not covered by the ADA, defines qualified individuals and covers the obligations of employers to hire people with disabilities.

State and Local Governments

Title II Part A extends protections given to people with disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to State and Local Governments.

Public Transportation

Title II Part B covers access by people with disabilities to public transportation.

Private Entities/Public Accommodations

Title III covers access by people with disabilities to public accommodations (restaurants, shops, malls) commercial facilities, private agencies that offer examinations or courses related to licensing or certification, and transportation provided by private agencies.


Title IV makes telephone communications services accessible to people who have impaired hearing or speech. Title IV requires all common carriers to provide nationwide Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Relay Services are operator systems that relay conversations between people who use Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDDs), or nonvoice terminal devices and those who use the general telephone network. Title IV required the establishment of a national telecommunications relay service to be in effect by July 26, 1993. Title IV also requires closed captioning for all public service announcements which are provided or funded in whole or party by any federal agency. Title IV is enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Title IV will not be discussed further in this training.

Other Provisions

Title V is a catch all that covers Congress and other agencies of the legislative branch of government, technical assistance plans and reports on wilderness areas. Title V will not be discussed further in this training.

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