ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Class Overview

The purpose of this class is to help you recognize when you have been discriminated against. If you learn to recognize instances of discrimination, you can contact the Mountain State Centers for Independent Living and work with an advocate who is familiar with the ADA. The important role you play is recognizing the discrimination.

At first glance, the training modules on the Americans with Disabilities Act look complicated, and in a way they are. The ADA is a complicated piece of legislation. The purpose of this ADA training is to introduce you to some definitions in the ADA and to give you enough information so that you can determine if you have been discriminated against. The ADA is common sense legislation. It provides civil rights to people with disabilities, but it does not try to put employers or small businessmen out of business.

If you are working or looking for a job, you should know that employers must guarantee qualified individuals access to employment, must define the essential functions of the job and must make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. They cannot set up eligibility requirements or screening requirements that keep people with disabilities from applying for jobs or taking tests for job.

Everyone lives in a place that is governed by some form of local government, be it county, city, or borough. You should know that state and local governments must make their programs, services and activities accessible to people with disabilities. Suppose you go to your township library to use the public computer to take this class on the ADA.

And finally, places of public accommodation must be accessible to people with disabilities.

Also, there are some important definitions you should be familiar with. These include:

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