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Generator Safety

Carol Nolte, Deputy State Fire Marshal for WV State Fire Marshal's Office/Public Education Division urges us all to take time to keep our home and families safe and has provided us with the following information concerning generator safety.

About 3,500 Americans die each year and around 18,300 are injured—in what are for the most part fires that could have been prevented. Many of these fires occur during the colder weather, when people are indoors more and power outages are more frequent.

Portable generators are useful when temporary or remote electric power is needed, but they can be hazardous. The primary hazards to avoid when using them are carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, electric shock or electrocution, and fire.

Here are some simple steps from the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) that you can take to prevent loss of life and property resulting from improper use of portable generators.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Hazards:

Avoid Electrical Hazards:

Avoid Fire Hazards:

Be Prepared For A Fire:

For more information on home fire safety, visit these Web sites:

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