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Fire Safety Awareness for Families

Fire Safety and Children

Because of their lack of experience, young children are at double the risk of dying in a fire as compared to the rest of the population. And with home fires increasing each year, young children are at high risk of being seriously injured or dying in residential fires.

The West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office is working to promote awareness of these dangers in our state and asking families to be vigilant about preventing home fires in the first place. "The single most effective thing adults can do to keep children safe is to look around their homes, identify potential fire hazards—and remove them," advises Sterling Lewis, Jr., State Fire Marshal.

Heating and cooking are two of the leading fire risks to children during the cold months, even going into early spring. Some tips to keep in mind:

Be Prepared!

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Take the time to learn more about how you can prevent fires in the home.

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