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Disability History Skills Development Training: Introduction

What is Disability History Week in West Virginia?

A group of teenagers and young adults with disabilities from all over West Virginia wanted everyone to learn about disability history and to learn that people with disabilities are successful and a part of our history.

They got together at the Youth Disability Caucus in the summer of 2005 in Charleston, WV and created a bill. The bill was presented to the West Virginia legislature.

The bill was passed through the West Virginia legislature as House Bill 4491, "Establishing Disability History Week" and was signed by Governor Joe Manchin in April 2006. It is now the law that Disability History Week be observed in all schools in West Virginia the third week in October.

Disability History Week in West Virginia requires instruction in public schools on disability history, people with disabilities, and the disability rights movement during the third week in October every year.

Kids ADA, an educational program

Kids ADABeginning in October of every year, Mountain State Centers for Independent Living (MTSTCIL) staff and consumers (people with disabilities who receive supports and services at MTSTCIL) conduct a Kids ADA (American with Disabilities Act) educational program in local elementary and middle schools in Cabell, Wayne, and Raleigh counties in West Virginia.

This educational program is designed to promote awareness of people with disabilities and provide an opportunity for students to interact with people with disabilities as well as to learn more about the assistive technologies that people with disabilities use, such as wheelchairs and service animals.

Disability History Skills Development Class:

To learn more visit the Kids ADA trainings on this Web site and the Disability History section on this Web site. If you are a teacher in Cabell, Wayne or Raleigh counties and would like to have MTSTCIL present our Kids ADA training in your classroom contact:

Mountain State Centers for Independent Living