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photo of floyd

Photo description: Floyd, at his graduation luncheon with Joanna Hammond, one of the Mountain State trainers.
April 23, 2015

Floyd's Graduation Luncheon

Floyd lives with his niece in the Huntington area. As a person with an unseen disability he did not feel confident around others and would often stay in the background.

When he first came to Mountain State Centers for Independent Living he did not want to take classes – he was not interested. His niece encouraged him to try at least one class, and if he didn’t like it he could quit.

He liked it so much he came back for more and continued taking classes until he had taken them all and is now certified as work-ready. Along the way, he made friends with others who are taking classes and also with some of the Mountain State staff. This is not surprising, because Floyd is easy to talk to, and always has something interesting to say.

Floyd enjoys his time at Mountain State and is looking forward to getting a job. In the meantime, he volunteers whenever he can for events at MTSTCIL and encourages others to participate, take classes and gain skills that will make them job ready. Floyd is now interviewing and looking forward to being in the workforce.

Overheard at the luncheon – Floyd is a good guy. We are excited he graduated and are looking forward to seeing him employed. Whoever hires him will find a dedicated, loyal and responsible employee.

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