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Become a Community Based Training work site

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Become a Community Based Training work site

As a Community Based Training work site, individuals who are participating in the Employment Readiness training, part of the Employment Services Division (ESD), will have the opportunity to train at your work site at no cost to you. The individuals participating in this program are considered trainees and are not compensated during their training period by you or by the Employment Services Division.

There is no guarantee of employment at the end of the training period. Employment Services Division staff will be onsite for the duration of the training program and document the participant's job performance every two weeks.

Support or intervention services will be available to the participant at the training site on an as needed basis. These services will be provided by Employment Services Division staff.

At the end of the training period if you decide to offer paid employment to the trainee, ESD will work with you to provide direct placement or supported employment services on behalf of the trainee.

Upon request, the Employment Services Division staff is available to provide support to you as the employer, as well as to the person you employ, during the duration of the employee's employment.

For more information

For more information about becoming a Community Based Training work site contact Georgetta Stevens, Vice President, Corporate Operations for Mountain State at 304-525-3324 or by email

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