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Kids ADA

Kids ADA, an educational program provided by Mountain State Centers for Independent Living

MTSTCIL Inspires Support Group For Parents With Kids At Crum Middle School

Lorinda Newman, the school counselor at Crum Middle School in Wayne county, invited Mountain State Centers for Independent Living to speak to their students about people with disabilities through our Kids ADA program. Linda tells us that the Kids ADA is a great program for Crum Middle School. Crum is a very small school and does not have the diversity that the larger schools do. Many kids do not have a classmate with a disability or have any idea how to interact with people with disabilities.

After the presentation, Lorinda and Kelly Simpson, the program speaker from Mountain State Centers for Independent Living, were talking. Lorinda was inspired by Kelly's story about how she got back into the work force, and her work with Mountain State.

Parents at Crum Middle School

Kelly made such an impact that Lorinda was inspired to start a support group for parents with kids at Crum Middle School who are unemployed. They talk about job training and getting help finding jobs, especially for the parents who had the same job for years and suddenly find themselves unemployed.

Lorinda is hoping to do a series of workshops this year, like the ones they have through Trio Grants, Heart of Appalachia Educational Opportunity Center, with Patty Moore from Marshall University. Patty is the counselor for Lincoln and Wayne counties, and does career counseling and helps adults going back to school to learn new job skills. Patty is at Crum Middle School from 3 to 5:30 p.m. on the third and fourth Wednesdays of each month.

On March 18th, Crum is hosting a resume writing and interviewing workshop for parents. There is also a project in the works for parents in conjunction with Crum's school garden project. The first workshop will address how to cut food budgets by planting a garden, with workshops on canning, food prep, recipe exchanges, and more.

Today Lorinda is working with 8th grade students to start learning how to interview with the intention that by the 9th grade students will have an idea of what their career path may be.

Learn More

To learn more about Kids ADA contact Kelly Simpson at Mountain State Centers for Independent Living.

To learn more about employment and job skills for parents in Wayne and Lincoln counties, contact Lorinda Newman at Crum Middle School.

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