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Searching the Resource Database

Category Definitions

The following is a list of the categories used in the Resource Database along with their definitions.

  • Advocacy Groups: including intervention assistance.
  • Children's Services: including child care facilities, Boy Scouts of America / Girl Scouts of America, services to teens.
  • Counseling / Crisis Services: includes support groups, hotlines, domestic violence support, crisis intervention.
  • Education: schools, training facilities, business development training, tutoring services.
  • Employment Services: employment agency, job training.
  • Family Services: including family planning, respite services, community [and religious] based outreach organizations, personal assistance services, food banks, pet services, related assistance.
  • Financial Services: including budgeting assistance and organizations offering financial aid.
  • Health Care Services: including medical services, hospitals, community clinics, mental health services, illness related education organizations, rehabilitation therapies.
  • Housing Services: emergency housing and shelters, low income housing services.
  • Legal Services: including juvenile legal services.
  • Public Services: social security, food stamps, SSI, related benefits services, libraries, emergency services, public transportation, hospital transportation, public community centers, animal shelters and Chamber of Commerce.
  • Recreation: leisure activities, parks, social activities, Special Olympics and camps.
  • Senior Services: day care, assisted living, senior specific therapies, Alzheimer's support, employment services.
  • Vendor / Disability: goods and services specific to the disability community including vehicle modification, durable goods and services, wheelchair repair.
  • Veteran's Services: health care, rehabilitation, counseling.

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