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Selecting and Installing Smoke Alarms

When shopping for a smoke alarm:

There are several different types of smoke alarm systems. One option, interconnected alarms, provide early warning against fire regardless of where the fire starts. When one alarm is triggered, they all sound an alarm.

For the Hearing and Mobility Impaired

Deaf and hard of hearing:

Some smoke alarm models offer the combined features of sounding an alarm along with a flashing strobe light.

Where Do You Need Them?

There should be at least one smoke alarm placed:

View the Smoke Alarm Placement document as a visual aid on where smoke alarms need to be placed within the home.

False alarms are often sounded when smoke alarms are placed too close to stoves, steam or fluorescent lights.

Learn more

To learn more about smoke alarms and fire safety, especially as it relates to people with disabilities, visit the Fire Safety: Special Considerations segment of the Fire Safety course on this Web site.

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