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Election 2008: Health Care

Four working-age West Virginians die each week due to lack of health insurance.

That doesn't include all the children and young adults who don't have health insurance. The real number of people in West Virginia who die from lack of health insurance or inadquate insurance coverage is higher. Are you next?

We need to do something about this NOW! Make a difference by voting for the candidate that you believe will end death by lack of health insurance in West Virginia.

Candidates Position on Health Care

Presidential Candidates

United States Senate Candidates

United States House Candidates

Candidates for Governor of West Virginia

More on candidates

For a more comprehensive list of candidates, visit the Herald-Dispatch list of local races and candidiates in West Virginia. Also, visit the Project Vote Smart Web site and enter your zip code for a complete listing of all candidiates running in your district including all federal, state and local candidates.

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