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2014 Consensus Agenda On Disability Policy

Developed by participants in the 2013 Disability Policy Summit - October 23 and 24, 2013


The Disability Consensus Agenda reflects the agreement of multiple organizations on key public policy goals that affect West Virginians with disabilities. The development of the Agenda began with the Disability Policy Summit hosted by the Statewide Independent Living Council and State Rehabilitation Council in October 2013 and was ratified by participating organizations in December 2013 (see list on last page).

The Agenda features:

It is important to note that the Disability Consensus Agenda is not a comprehensive listing of policy goals and that individual organizations are working on many additional issues. Also, the Agenda is continually evolving and responsive to changing circumstances and opportunities as they arise.

Although not specifically addressed in this document, it is equally important that our state maximize the policies and funding that we already have. We encourage state leaders to assure that laws and policies are consistently applied and enforced. We urge state agencies to tap all federal resources available to our state for programs that support citizens with disabilities having meaningful participation in their communities.

Home and Community-Based Services and Supports

People with disabilities have the right to live healthy lives and be productive citizens in their communities with access to the community-based services and supports needed to do so.

Community Infrastructure

People with disabilities have the right to participate fully in their communities therefore, community infrastructure and capacity must be expanded to ensure the availability of integrated, accessible and affordable housing, transportation and other resources.


Children and young people with disabilities must have access to quality education that includes services and programs which allow full participation in an integrated and inclusive educational system that best meets the needs of the child.


People with disabilities have the right and the responsibility to be productive citizens engaged in competitive, integrated employment with the services and supports needed to do so.

Human and Civil Rights

People with disabilities have the right to determine and control their own destiny with protection from discrimination and segregation; all laws to protect their rights and freedoms should be implemented and enforced in a timely and effective manner.

2014 Consensus Agenda has been Endorsed By:

For more information on the Agenda, please contact:

Ann McDaniel, Executive Director
West Virginia Statewide Independent Living Council
PO Box 625, Institute, WV 25112-0625
304-766-4624 (Office)
304-543-9331 (Cell)

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