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Working with people with disabilities to be able to live independently.

An Independent Living Fundraiser of Global Proportions

Our funding for direct services to assist people with disabilities to be able to live on their own was $171,785 this year and is estimated to be $41,764 starting July 1, 2017 and October 1, 2017 due to state and federal cuts - a difference of $130,021.

There are 340 people who are waiting for services in Huntington, some since 2014 and 420 in the Beckley area. There are people who have died waiting for services. If we were to serve everyone who is on the waiting list today, it would cost an estimated $2,700,000.00.

Whatever you give will be greatly appreciated. Some of our needs, like a large button phone for someone with low vision, only costs $25. To modify a bathroom so that someone in a wheelchair can get in the shower can cost as much as $13,000. To install a ramp to get in and out of their home could easily cost $6,500.

During this Independent Living Celebration Fundraiser of Global Proportions, we ask you to fundraise for your global neighbors with disabilities in West Virginia so that they may be able to live independently and not in a nursing home.

Create a team to have a run or walk in your hometown, or think of something fun to do like:

We look forward to seeing all your great fundraising ideas on Facebook Live. Please post your fundraisers at any time and include #MTSTCIL. This fundraiser will continue until we have reached $130,021.

Once we reach our goal, we will have a celebration and hope everyone who participated in this fundraiser can join us for a celebration both in person and on Facebook Live.

Join us today!

If you have questions please leave a message at

Mountain State Centers for Independent Living